Whats is a GAME JAM?

On 2017 The Greater Gaming Society held a game jam event at Colab Coworking space in san antonio tx. A game jam is a local 48 hour game development competition. Once the theme is announced people break off into groups and begin making a game on any platform. Most choose pc.

What is a Game Jam?

Game Jam is a challenge in which you design a game in 48 hours under a certain theme.

This years game jam has 8 contestants.
3d Models, Audio Artist and programmers

Theme: “SPIN”

Types of game created:

Augmented Reality phone game where you feed a monster items and then spin him till he throws up

Thank you to our sponsors. The Game Jam event was sponsored by Love.Marketing for website photo and video promotions and RealityDevs.com San Antonio’s Virtual and Augmented Reality Developers for catering and laptops and Co | Lab Coworking Space for the 48 hour Venue.

Greater Gaming Society
1113 E Houston St
San Antonio, TX 78205